Topless DJ show

Topless DJ and Topless DJs with arrive.

New Wave in Dj Sphere - this is Topless Dj Show. Would you like to listen to great music at your party or club? And if this music is accompanied by a strip show performed by charming Topless DJs and Topless DJs ?! I bring to your attention a new project in the field of entertainment shows for your holiday or party.

Increasingly, the sweetheart prefix T near the DJ appears in the posters of club life. At the same time, opinions on ToplessDJ are the most controversial. There are people who believe that they are just strippers and strippers. Someone, on the contrary, is happy with the diversity and the enthusiasm with which girls and guys work at DJ Place. But, anyway, indifferent, in the case of topless DJs, no, as required. We tried to find out where Topless Dj came from and why did DJs need to take off their outerwear.

The first girl who added an erotic touch to the track was the American Portia Surreal. Somewhere in the period 2000-2003, her erotic shows XXX enjoyed tremendous success with compatriots. History is silent about why Portia decided to bare her breasts, but she nevertheless achieved success in both material and professional terms. One day, Mrs. Surreal performed on the same stage with Tiesto.

Naturally, practical American women had followers. Close to such a frantic popularity of Surreal in the United States was able to Russian woman Gasoline, which at the peak of a career with its beauty and the size of fees, overshadowed the top Russian DJs.

We can say that it was this successful project by Sergei Pimenov that served as the starting point of the topless DJing movement in our country. However, as soon as Gasoline decided to try her luck away from Pimenov’s management, her career returned to the same direction - to striptease.

The main misfortune of the actress, in this case, was not so much the inability to play as the lack of competent managers. First of all, managers of topless artistes advertise the show, and then the music. It is strange that some still do not understand this. So, in 2008, Mixmag magazine posted a note about how a diva from Russia, Mari Ferrari, was invited to the Spanish club, who did not even connect headphones to the console. Because they were her unnecessarily. She just danced to the music, imitating the movements of the DJ. In turn, the management of the actress, foaming at the mouth, argued on the magazine’s website that this is all slander and Marie perfectly brings it. Just her job is different.

Actually, what did you want? They dance, they undress, they send air kisses and at the same time they manage to play somehow. And do not expect Deadmau5 or James Zabiela techniques from them.

If you wandered into the club on T-Dj, just relax and enjoy and do not interfere with girls and guys to work out the fee!


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  • Арт11 February 2020

    Приглашали в наш клуб (Харьков) диджейку Эйфорию. Остались довольны. Если в общем - приехала во время, играла классную музыку, публика была довольна. Думаю закажем ещё у Вас.

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