Strip out from the Box

Female or male striptease drawing from a gift box is a great alternative to striptease from a cake show.

Looking for something to surprise your loved ones and friends? Give unique emotions to a friend, girlfriend, wife or husband for a birthday or anniversary - order a striptease from the show box.

We bring to your holiday a beautiful gift box. In her sit stripper or a stripper. The birthday boy (the hero of the day) enters the room and you congratulate him. At an unexpected moment for him at the box, the lid opens and music turns on. Next, the hero of the occasion is waiting for a sexy striptease dance.

You can also order a striptease out of the box to the boss in the office for his birthday. We will install a gift box in the office. When the birthday boy enters the office - you congratulate him! During congratulations, someone from the staff includes music and the stripper (sha) opens the box. Further, the head is waiting for an incendiary strip show.

You can order a draw of a striptease show out of the box from us by phone:

+380959288881, +380930777669


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