Male strippers ➜ Zaporizhzhia

from 2 500 UAH / dance Show program - from 5 500 UAH
Mister Blade
from 2 500 UAH / dance Show program - from 5 500 UAH

Order and choice male strippers with arrive in Zaporizhzhia and region on bachelorette party or birthday.

Choice the gift, that will be able to evaluate and remember girlfriend for a long time? Give for her male strippers with arrive to the apartments where she will celebrate her birthday.

Or if you plane the corporate party at work and you or yours colleagues decide which show ordering? Booking our male stripper for example Dallas. He has a lot of bright and interesting staged numbers.

Male strippers Zaporizhzhia and Zaporizhzhia region can come to any place where you decide make the events. The stripper comes to the office, house, limo, cafe, restaurant or bathhouse.

How else, you can surprise girlfriends at bachelorette party? Order a male strippers with great joke. Our dancer Mister Blade, comes on your hen party in the police uniform. He knocks in to the door and says “Police-Open!”. Then he informs your friends that they are too noisy, and for this Mister Blade will punish them. Punishment is a beautiful striptease dance.

Strippers do the show in the city Zaporizhzhia and region at any time - but we recommend that you order erotic show in advance.