Selena ➜ female strippers in Odesa

We recommend to you order the best strip show by Selena. She can do special strip jokes, for example, "Open this is Police!" - Stripper Selena comes to your place and start play police role, and after this she will do striptease show.

"Stopping limousine in police uniform" - you plan stag Do party and you ride on limousine, Selena stop the limo in police form and then performs erotic show.

Also you can hire joke with pizza - Selena comes in to the apartments with pizza and dressed like delivery girl. After fake pizza delivery she will do topless show.

Breast size ➜ 2;

Hair ➜ Blonde;

Height ➜ 169 cm.


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  • Александр28 January 2021

    Леди Селена самая бомбезная танцовщица в Одессе!!!! Лично мое мнение .

  • Андрей21 August 2018

    Танец понравился, танцовщица сексуальная.

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