Mister Vins ➜ male striptease Kharkiv to go

Hire male striptease Mister Vins in the Kharkiv city and all Ukraine.

Staged numbers: gladiator, football player, rugby, policeman, doctor, classic. He have a joint show with other strippers.

Dancer Mister Vins professionally arranges strip-jokes. The most popular joke - stop limousine dressed like a police. Another variant of the draw - dancer Vins comes to friends birthday with a bouquet of flowers, congratulates birthday girl and after congratulations he is dance striptease.

Height ➜ 182 cm;

Hair color ➜ Light brown;

Appearance ➜ Athlete.


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  • Лера12 March 2020

    Был у нас 8 марта) Одно замечание - мало одного танца нам было)))

  • Макс07 March 2020

    Корпоратив в Буче Спасибо за выступление - нашим девочкам всё понравилось. Будут знать как мы их ценим) Удачи!

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